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Testing as a Service

If you’re a business owner, vendor manager, CIO or Program Manager, then you must consider independent testing in your next big software project or implementation. Keep testing the project separate from the vendor or systems integrators, and build quality KPIs and metrics into commercial contracts.

  • Protect your investment: Establish more efficient processes to manage software changes
  • Keep vendors honest: Manage application quality by third-party vendors or internal teams
  • Mitigates the risk of unwanted brand damage: Improve software quality before it goes into production

Revolution IT’s proprietary Test Management Office (TMO) solution establishes a central, independent model to ensure consistent quality assurance, testing and governance across all development activities, allowing organisations to accept and deploy quality solutions into production. It provides a consistent and repeatable risk based approach to quality and testing. Changes to projects, either internally or from external vendors go through the TMO that defines the amount of testing required, to adhere to the organisations quality policy.

The TMO manages, approves and assists vendors with documentation, testing and quality artefacts required during the planning, design and execution phases of projects. It provides a central point of contact and a conduit between the vendor, business and project management office (PMO) for reporting purposes.

Revolution IT can also provide a TMO quality policy that can be referenced by organisations in vendor negotiations, SLA’s, milestone payments and in ongoing vendor management.

Levels of Engagement

To drive up software testing capabilities fast and ensure that Revolution IT’s TMO solution dovetails with organisations individual capabilities, three levels of engagement are offered:

TMO Levels of Engagement Graphic

Revolution IT’s TMO  solution follows a structured process to govern and guide testing performed by other vendors at our clients site. Please click the Revolution IT TMO diagram below to enlarge.

Test Management Office diagram 2016

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