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In many ways the flexibility, quality controls and cost-savings of our Outsourcing Solutions are unique. That’s because our Global Delivery Model takes advantage of our onsite, offsite and offshore teams. Also, these flexible services can leverage existing IP, software investments and staff skillsets.

Our outsourced solutions can be project specific or include total ownership across Project Management, Requirements Management, Mobile Testing, Enterprise Applications, and, of course, Test Outsourcing.

Outsourced Testing CoE

An Outsourced Testing CoE fast-tracks quality controls and costs decrease. It’s especially useful for organisations where software testing is not a core competency.

These scalable solutions rapidly put the best people on the ground, and the best tools and processes in place. The result? An enormous lift in testing capabilities: suddenly projects, and even an entire portfolio, can be managed more effectively.

Our test outsourcing services improve application quality while reducing overall project costs. These flexible services leverage existing IP, software investments and staff skillsets. Also to quickly improve your testing capabilities, we can establish an Outsourced Testing Centre of Excellence (CoE) for your business.

test outsourcing

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