Test Automation

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Test Automation

Run more tests in less time

Using test automation to streamline software testing

Our portfolio of automated testing tools supports cleaning up the code at every step of the software testing process.

Problems we solve

Inefficient test maintenance, inadequate test coverage, inappropriate test implementation and sluggish bug detection can easily cause budget and timeline blow-outs and low-quality code.

Solutions we use

Smart automated testing scripts, running in clever ways, supported by a range of cross-checking capabilities – and that’s just for starters. There’s nothing we enjoy more than test automation to detect and help iron out defects.

Results for clients

In addition to providing more test coverage and faster test times, we help isolate defects efficiently. For both regression and automated testing, we keep technical hurdles low, deliver comprehensive test reports, and ensure automated testing scripts can be re-used to drive up software testing capabilities throughout an enterprise.

Credentials cross-check

Our test automation experience spans every major vendor and most major industries, from tollways to agribusiness to online directories and more.

Revolution IT has a dedicated Test Automation Practice which includes a team of test automation specialists with experience in leading test automation tools including UFT (formerly QTP), LeanFT, Selenium, SoapUI and TestComplete.

Our test automation service offerings include:

  • Development of test automation strategies at an enterprise or program level
  • Evaluation and recommendations for suitable test automation tools
  • Development of test automation frameworks and automated test scripts
  • Assessing suitable candidate applications for test automation
  • Estimating ROI for test automation
  • Training and mentoring in test automation process, practice and tools

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