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Test Automation Software

Reduce defect detection times to drive up software quality. See how these automated testing products deliver more test coverage, faster test times, and also help isolate defects efficiently.

HPE Unified Functional Testing

Industry leading test automation package

HPE UFT simplifies test design and maintenance resulting in reduced risk and improved code quality. Combining HPE QuickTest Professional (QTP) and HPE Service Test, this package works for both GUI and API applications, can test applications running on mobile devices, and also validates integrated test scenarios for hybrid composite applications.

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HPE Turnkey

Automated testing kits for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and more

This solution includes tests that cover most major business processes, an intelligent generator that automatically creates new, customised automated test cases and automatic generation of training and compliance documentation. Accelerator solutions are also available for PeopleSoft, JDE, Siebel and custom applications.

HPE Agile Manager

Cutting-edge Agile development capabilities

Give your development teams rich Agile project management capabilities enhanced by Kanban-style planning boards, issue tracking and detailed visualised reports. Integrates with both open source and commercial SCM, build management and continuous integration tools.

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Automated testing framework for web applications

Selenium has become the core testing framework in countless browser automation tools and APIs. It’s also supported by many of the most important browser vendors. An essential open-source tool for developers of web applications.

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Tricentis Tosca

Next generation test automation

Tosca’s business benefits speak for themselves. Clients using Tosca by Tricentis can achieve automation rates over 90% across complex multi-platform and web-based environments. Also, by integrating test management and test case design, Tosca can reduce preparation and writing of test cases by up to 75%. Plus Tosca can achieve over 95% of risk coverage across every testing stage.

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