Service Delivery Management

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Service Delivery Management

Service Delivery Management

Our Service Delivery Management framework builds delivery accountability into every engagement we undertake. It covers all practices, customers, projects and all of our staff.

Every staff member within Revolution IT is part of the SDM framework and has their part to play in providing a consistent approach to Service Delivery Management across the company.

To allocate clear responsibility for each of our clients’ programs and projects, we appoint a Client Delivery Manager (CDM). Each CDM is directly responsible to ensure all goals and objectives for every engagement are met.

All the CDMs within a state report directly to the head of delivery for that state, the Service Delivery Manager. Each state has a single SDM who is responsible for delivery and satisfied customers for the entire state.

We have a monthly reporting process which reports on the client satisfaction for every single project we are engaged on and the staff satisfaction for every single delivery team member across the country. Any staff or client engagements that are reported as red are raised at the monthly Revolution IT board meetings along with mitigating actions.

Our Customers have direct access to their allocated CDM and for escalation purposes can contact the state SDM if there are delivery issues. Our CDMs are held to account by our SDMs.

By clearly defining who is responsible for what, we give each client two clear points of contact: an Account Manager (responsible for the relationship) and a Client Delivery Manager (responsible for the delivery), although we know there is sometimes overlap in these two roles.

The below diagram shows how Service Delivery Management fits into the overall Revolution IT structure.


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