Security Testing

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Security Testing

Defend your organisation’s reputation and assets

Use security testing to manage risk

Everyone is aware of the threat from hackers: denial of service attacks, website vandalism, data theft and network trespassing.

What’s less well known is how best to manage these risks. Organisations need security testing that’s not only comprehensive, it’s also delivered efficiently.

At Revolution IT, our reputation rests on our rigorous approach to helping organisations deliver high quality applications that are functionally correct, stable and equally important, secure.

Our services span numerous specialist security testing areas including: application security testing, cloud security testing, web security testing, mobile security testing and more.

We also plan security testing throughout an enterprise and build security practices into all areas of the application lifecycle. Our approach is to examine an organisation’s business requirements and application development processes, and then establish governance procedures to ensure security testing is conducted efficiently and rigorously across an organisation’s entire portfolio of projects.

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