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Project Management

Revolution IT has been involved with over 50 Project Management and Portfolio Management software implementations.

We’ve identified six primary reasons organisations invest in these PPM products:

  • To align project management with business objectives
  • To streamline reporting on key projects
  • To ensure an organisation is focused on the right projects
  • To leverage value from portfolio investments
  • To manage resources that projects demand
  • To use real-time data to track and manage projects

CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Centrally manage portfolios, resources, staffing and budgets

CA PPM enables organisations to manage its entire innovation lifecycle and make more informed strategic investments. It helps you track and prioritise market and customer requirements and make better decisions on how to invest limited resources, so you can optimise your enterprise, IT, service and product portfolio.

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HPE Application Portfolio Management

Fast-track how you drive efficiencies

Assess and rate your application portfolio to see where it’s aligned with IT and business priorities, and where there are opportunities for project managers to curb costs.

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HPE Executive Scorecard

One of HPE’s most innovative products

Make decisions and take control of investments, portfolios and resources by accessing project. performance data, at a glance, from multiple sources.

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HPE IT Financial Management

Run IT like a business

Gather metrics from IT systems to build KPIs, and give senior management scorecards and dashboards that help them acquire business insights that show the value of IT investments.

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HPE Project Portfolio Management

HPE’s comprehensive PPM solution

Enable smart decision-making with real-time visibility into all your IT investments. This product delivers a dashboard view of your portfolio assets, resource demands and active projects across your organisation.

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