PMO Optimisation

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PMO Optimisation

Aligning projects with priorities

Our PMO Services enable our clients to define their portfolio, to align it to organisational strategies and goals, and to ensure their portfolio delivers targeted business outcomes.

Project Management Office

At Revolution IT, we can help establish or develop a mature PMO that:

  • Prioritises and aligns your initiatives (i.e. projects, programs of work, small changes, etc.) with your organisation’s over-arching strategies
  • Provides rigorous and repeatable processes that can span the entire application lifecycle
  • Provides an early warning system that flags when interventions are necessary, thereby helping manage risk more effectively
  • Provides transparency and consistency on each and every project

Getting involved at any or every level you need

Just as individual PMO requirements come in all shapes and sizes, so do our implementation governance services. Our track record includes:

  • Establishing PMOs to help turn around entire organisations
  • Improving governance and management practices being used by existing PMOs
  • Providing experienced Revolution IT thought-leaders to support and guide client PMOs
  • Automating and digitising PMO processes across an enterprise
  • Applying best practices to deploy leading PMO software packages such as CA Technologies PPM
  • Undertaking project inventories and providing clear criteria to help clients assess and vet their portfolio

PMO Services from Governance to Delivery

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