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Experience Design

Ensuring quality from the first idea to the final test

Ensuring quality and leaving no stone unturned has been of the backbone of our approach to testing for 15 years. Now we’re excited to help our customers bring more depth to the quality of their technology experiences through our new Experience Design capability.

This new capability brings our relentless commitment to quality earlier in the software development process. Now as well as checking that your requirements have been adequately met, we can also work with you, your customers and staff to make sure these requirements will get everyone where they want to go – engaged customers, happy productive staff, and an efficient business.

Revolution IT offers a suite of experience design services to help your organisation engage with customers and staff across all of your customer touchpoints. Services include:

  • Customer research – learn about your customer’s behaviours and the emotions that drive them
  • Customer journey mapping – we can paint a picture of the moments that matter for your customers across the entire customer journey
  • Service design – to create services that solve business and customer problems
  • UX design – interaction designs that help users achieve their goals
  • Design-focused A/B Testing – A/B Testing to identify the design elements that move the dial for your business
  • Rapid crowdsourced testing and research – use our 30,000+ crowd to test concepts and designs within a few days
  • Usability testing – to ensure that the design helps both the users and your business achieve their objectives
  • UI design – visual design for digital products
  • Human-Centred Design Training – to upskill your team

We can help you work with your customers to create a vision for your customer experience and set a strategy on how to get there. And using our proprietary methods, such as the Revolution IT crowd, we can help you get there faster.

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