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Digital Testing

Technology is driving customer empowerment through digital disruption.

Finding the right competitive response is complex and regardless if you are a CMO, CIO, CTO, CDO or a C-something in-between, you need to act fast across multiple layers of your business, and take a new approach to how strategies are developed, tested and executed.

To help, Revolution IT provides a testing capability that is agile and responsive, so you can attract, acquire and retain customers in the digital world. We enable you to bring your mobile, web or cloud-based ideas to life.

Our approach combines top industry professionals, leading industry tools and the latest emerging technologies from partner vendors.
Revolution IT’s Digital Testing services include:

Our Testing services support:

  • Mobile Platforms including: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more
  • Mobile Devices: Over 50+ devices including iPhone, iPad and Android and more
  • Mobile Applications: Native, hybrid and web

Whether developing a single app or transforming an entire enterprise, Revolution IT’s Digital Testing services help organisations to execute on their digital roadmap.

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