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Our motivation is to help organisations automate their IT landscape leveraging data-driven decision making with quality and security always at the core. For us, DevOps is a culture, a way of working and a movement that helps realise these outcomes.

What we do



Our DevOps Approach


Our DevOps Capability

Smart Environments (reducing the costs of delays)

  • Automated environment build
  • Security-focused code management
  • Automated configuration management
  • Standardised test data management
  • Automated monitoring & alerting

Enterprise Cl/CD (improving quality & reducing costs)

  • Continuous development
  • Continuous automated testing
  • Continuous application integration
  • Continuous deployment/delivery

Feedback Amplification (cost vs benefit insights, effectiveness & ROI)

  • Cl/CD telemetry
  • Application analytics
  • Event correlation
  • Operational analytics

Orchestrated Change/Release Management (end-to-end traceability, accountability and visibility)

  • Change/Release  planning
  • Change/Release monitoring
  • Change/Release automation

Our Value Proposition

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