Concerned About Crowdtesting Confidentiality? Don’t be.

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Concerned About Crowdtesting Confidentiality? Don’t be.

By Bala Kalimuthu, National Manager Digital Solutions at Revolution IT

Let’s face it: the perpetually-evolving tech world is ripe with money-making opportunities and, as such, is constantly bubbling away with new concepts and designs. It’s no wonder then that those creators and developers harnessing precious ideas are reluctant to showcase them, lest they fall into the wrong hands and end up being plagiarised without so much as a whiff of attribution to the original masterminds.

While it is essential to test out your newest app, website or other type of digital project before officially releasing it to the public, you’d be justified in harbouring a bit of caution in taking it to a large crowd during these early stages. After all, the more people who know about it, the more chance of a leak, right? Wrong!

This is where crowdtesting becomes a bit of a delicate tightrope to walk. However, by taking the right measures, you can confidently breeze through your crowdtesting to achieve successful results.

 Confidentiality assurance for your crowdsourced testing projects

Before undertaking any project, all crowdtesters must supply a range of identity check documents and/or sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. This enables you to keep tabs on every single participant.

Additionally, there is a plethora of other information clients can request in order to further tighten those security nuts and bolts, including:

  • Police background checks
  • Verification of relevant professional qualifications
  • Character reference checks
  • Background checks on experience claimed in CVs / professional qualification in testing verified
  • Passing a crowdsourced tester vendor interview via Skype.

Remember, leaking information can get a crowdtester blacklisted

By collecting the necessary personal information of each crowdtester, they know they are running a very big risk if they decide to breach any agreements they have signed. Many crowdtesters in software technology work in the industry themselves and, naturally, they aren’t exactly too fond of putting their job on the line or ending up with a big black mark next to their name.

Educate yourself on your crowdtesting provider

It’s important to take the time to analyse your crowdsourced testing provider’s history and reputation so you can make sure that any concerns you have are quickly nipped in the bud. Check out their website and the clients they have serviced in the past: do they boast a healthy list of recognised brand names? Do they have solid case studies to back up their work?

Crowdtesting is an integral facet of an immersive industry like tech – collecting authentic feedback from potential users helps to ensure that your idea is worth the investment when it comes to launch time. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the security of your data. Whether your business needs Functional, Usability, Performance, Security, Automation, System Integration or Browser Compatibility Testing, a quality provider such as crowdsprint can help boost the success of your product without having to worry about the competition.



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