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Business Analysis

At Revolution IT, our heroes include business visionaries, technology gurus, software titans and trailblazing CEOs.

How new ideas spearhead change

With a deep understanding of both technology strategy and business strategy, our business analysts help reposition organisations in today’s fast-moving economy.

Competitive Strategies and Analysis

Our business analysts have conceived and delivered some of Australia’s most advanced competitive strategies. We work with organisations to understand trends, define new lines of attack, and get to grips with specific enterprise positions, service models and markets. So if you’re looking to improve your organisation’s performance, we can show you what works best and why.

Business Strategies and Analysis

To bring competitive strategies to life, we collaborate with business units across an enterprise. By leveraging our Requirements Management Processes, our analysts investigate, review, evaluate, define and document all areas for improvement. They also make recommendations for business change, supported by a business case, ensuring all recommendations align to organisational strategy.

IT Systems Analysis

To deliver optimal solutions for strategic initiatives, we also prepare detailed implementation plans. Our extensive cross-industry experience allows us to design wide-ranging solutions, encompassing not only our clients’ enterprise, but also those of their partners and suppliers.

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