Agile Consulting

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Agile Consulting

With Revolution IT, clients can quickly harness specific Agile practices such as adaptability, continuous improvement, collaboration, automation and more. That’s because our line of attack is to funnel the best that Agile can offer, and marry it with client-specific software delivery and project management needs. This allows organisations to either use Agile practices strategically, often by combining them with more traditional software development approaches; or to integrate Agile practices completely to transform their software delivery capabilities.

Revolution IT has over a decade of experience in Agile Consultancy and has delivered more than 50 Agile projects to around 30 clients across Australia. Revolution IT’s Agile training content is accredited to the British Computer Society and we have developed a comprehensive Agile Maturity Assessment Framework.

Agile Consulting

What We Deliver

If your business is looking to adopt Agile methodology or already has, Revolution IT has a large team of specialist Agile practitioners you can leverage to help deliver on your projects.

Agile Training, Coaching & Consulting

  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Agile Assessment and Maturity Roadmap
  • Enterprise Roll out of Agile Processes and Templates
  • Enterprise Agile Transformation
  • Implementing Agile Tools

Agile Project Delivery

  • Managed Service Delivery with end-to-end responsibility
  • Digital Projects – Web and Mobile Applications
  • Distributed Agile – Onsite, Onshore and Offshore
  • Fixed Price or Time and Material

Staff Augmentation to Agile Projects

  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Technical Leads
  • Agile Project Managers, Agile Business Analysts, Agile Test Managers and Testers
  • UX Designers and Content Managers
  • Agile Developers

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