A Day in the Life of a Crowdtester (aka the contractor in between jobs)

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A Day in the Life of a Crowdtester (aka the contractor in between jobs)

By Bala Kalimuthu, National Manager Digital Solutions at Revolution IT.

As promised in our ‘daily life’ blog featuring the busy mum, we’re back with another instalment. This time, we’ve decided to outline a typical daily schedule of an IT testing contractor who’s currently in job limbo, to help you envision how you’d benefit by joining our Crowdtesting ranks.

The contractor in between jobs

7:00am – Your alarm goes off, and you’re up on your feet without considering the snooze button. While drinking your coffee, you write down your to-do list for the day.

7:45am – After breakfast you get outside and get your heart-rate up with a morning jog. Exercise, they say, has endless positive effects on your mind and body.

9:00am – Freshly showered and feeling energetic, you read up on the latest in the IT industry. Staying up-to-date with news is important in such a fast-moving industry.

10:30am – To help pay the bills and remain vigilant with your skill set, you dedicate a solid two hours testing a digital project sourced through Revolution IT. You remind yourself to add this job to your CV and LinkedIn profile later on.

12:45pm – You stop for a lunch break, and also brew your second coffee for the day.

1:30pm – Having learned recently that a whopping 80% of all jobs are actually not advertised but found via networking, you search for upcoming events in your field and reserve a place for yourself.

2:30pm – More testing from Revolution IT calls your name, and you sit down for another hour.

3:30pm – You get on the job boards and, unsurprisingly, find exactly the same stale job ads that were posted a month ago.

4:00pm – Vowing to never visit the job sites again (but deep down know you’re just lying to yourself), you get back onto testing again.

7:30pm – Where did the last 3.5 hours go? Wow. You calculate that you actually did 6 full hours of testing today! Listening to your stomach screaming at you, you make some dinner.

9:30pm – An early night beckons, and you tick off your entire to-do for the preceding day. You know eventually the right job will come – patience is key.

What kind of software will I test?

There’s an enormous range, from feature-rich apps and websites to multi-media projects, online portals and more.

Keep your skills current

Testing specialisations: functionality testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing, automation testing, system integration testing, and browser compatibility testing. A great thing to put onto your CV for a greater chance of employability.

How much will I earn?

There are different models of payment for different projects. With some projects, you’re paid for the time you spend on it, and with other projects you’re paid for each valid bug you find. Occasionally, it’s a mix of both. Payments are made via PayPal.

Get yourself on board as a tester now at Revolution IT and see for yourself how rewarding it is!


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