A Day in the Life of a CrowdTester (aka The Busy Mum)

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A Day in the Life of a CrowdTester (aka The Busy Mum)

By Bala Kalimuthu, National Manager Digital Solutions at Revolution IT

In my last blog, I discussed the different backgrounds of our freelance crowdtesters (part-time, IT graduates, contractors etc.). Today I thought that it might be helpful to break down a typical day of one of these backgrounds, giving Mums everywhere a taste of what you could be doing by joining us as a crowdsourced tester.

The busy mum (aka a software testing pro)

 6:23am – You’re woken by your little angels jumping on your bed, asking when breakfast will be ready. You try to remember the last time you woke up naturally… you can’t.

 7:00am – While the kids are eating the cereal you made for them, you pack their lunches, making sure no peanut products are present due to the most recent letter your kids brought home from the principal.

 7:45am – No matter how many times you ask, your daughter refuses to put on her shoes. For no reason at all. You imagine what would happen if one of your adult friends did the same, and chuckle slightly to yourself.

 8:20am – After dropping the kids off at school, you let out a sigh of relief and make your way home with the radio off; silence, as they say, is golden.

 11:45am – The house is clean (or as clean as it’ll get), and after having some lunch and a hard-earned rest you sit down and get stuck into some remote cloud-based testing work you found through Revolution IT. You love using your knowledge to make good money at home, and adore the flexibility of it.

 3:35pm – Once the kids are in the car, you ask them how their days were. They respond ‘good’, in unison but refuse to divulge any further information.

 8:48pm – A full 18-minute argument over unfair bedtimes has passed, and after finally realising this is a battle they’ll never win, they retire for the evening. You get back onto your mobile and tablet and do another hour of testing.

 10:00pm – You’re almost asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, and while it’s been a hectic day, you know deep down that you wouldn’t change anything for the entire world. 

 This hopefully gives you an idea of the flexibility you’d experience joining our team of global crowdsourced testers, and we’ll be back in a few blogs’ time with another ‘day in the life’ post, so stay tuned!


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